Ben Phipp and his team show us a preview of LIGHTSPIEL, an installation from The Collaborative.

October is Long Beach Arts Month, an opportunity for Long Beach residents to sink their teeth in the wide variety of arts and culture experiences available right in their own neighborhoods.

It’s also an excellent time to thank the Long Beach City Council for their continued support of artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions through their continued funding of the Arts Council for Long Beach, which coordinates and sponsors Long Beach Art Month each year.

In partnership with Arts for LA, the Arts Council for Long Beach is coordinating a positive campaign to recognize the work of City Councilmembers with thank you letters.  To participate, simply identify your City Councilmember from the list below, click on his or her link, and submit the pre-written thank you letter.  Personalizations of the letter are absolutely encouraged!

Please visit this site to determine your Long Beach City Council district or scroll down to select your Councilmember.

District 1, Robert Garcia District 1: Robert Garcia
District 2, Suja Lowenthal District 2: Suja Lowenthal
District 3, Gary DeLong District 3: Gary DeLong
District 4, Patrick O'Donnell District 4: Patrick O’Donnell
District 5, Gerrie Schipske District 5: Gerrie Schipske
District 6, Dee Andrews District 6: Dee Andrews
District 7, James Johnson District 7: James Johnson
District 8, Al Austin District 8: Al Austin
District 9, Steven Neal District 9: Steven Neal