Plan your Visit

Before traveling to Canada, plan what you want to see. This will give you an idea of what part of Canada you should look at, judged by the activities you want to do.

Research Events

Online researching of activities to do is a way to become familiar with Canada before you even take off on the east coast road trip. Knowing what Canada has to offer and where it is will allow the traveler to find what suites their traveling needs the best.

Check your Car

Prior to leaving a thorough check of your car should be completed. You can do this yourself or have a mechanic do it for you. This check should look at all of the fluids in the car, the air pressure in the tires, the filters, spark plugs and wires, and anything else on the car that could easily be replaced before the long journey starts.

Bring Repair and First Aid Kits

On long trips, many things can happen. Taking a repair kit in case of any minor car trouble can help a great amount. A First Aid Kit can be used if any type of small injury or abrasion happens. Making sure you are safe during this trip, makes these obstacles almost obsolete.

Switch Drivers Often

When driving, many people feel like they have to drive for hours on end without switching. If there is another licensed individual in the car, regular switching between drivers should happen. This will keep both drivers fresh and ready for the road.

Pay Attention to the Road and Your Car

Simply paying attention to the road and the gauges of your car will help you make it to Canada safe. Eyes should always be kept on the road but checking gauges every so often is recommended because these gauges can tell you if something has happened to the car or the inter workings of the car.

Have Music Ready and Available

For a long drive, music or any type of radio is needed. Making a playlist of songs would be beneficial because you would not have to switch between songs and you can focus on the road. When you get tired of the music, switch to a comedy channel, or some type of talk radio. This will break up the monotony of the trip, making it easier to remain focused on the road.

Join a Roadside Service

Roadside repair services, such as AAA, are valuable additions to have while traveling. These repair services will come to wherever your car is and help you fix the flat tire, or minor set backs that may occur. Depending on what level of roadside service you have bought, you could also qualify for free tows. This can be useful anytime driving, not just for road trips.

Make a Checklist Before Leaving

Making a checklist of all the things you need to do prior to leaving will help ensure that you do not leave anything behind. This checklist can include anything, from clothes to documents.

Have all Documents Prepared

Documents such as license, registration, and passports should all be up to date and prepared if anything would happen. No matter what, you have to show your passport to get into Canada, so leaving it at home is not a good idea.